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My HARVEST America › The drained world The drained worldThe sun beat down on the private beach near Marbella.the tide seems to have stopped short, said the plutocrat Vasili Romanovitch, consulting his very waterproof Rolex. the sea reached the top of that little green rock. Now, only the bottom. On the other hand: what s wet, and moves up and down a beach significantly twice a day?maybe, she responded, blue eyes gleaming, is only the beginning. What s wet, and regularly moves up and down a beach?mean the beginning of global warming evaporation? asked Andrei, one of Vasili s bodyguards, whose hairy gut hung out over his baggy trunks.This idiocy didn t really deserve an answer, but she replied calmly: the emptying I predicted as a possibility. Hence, constant replacement from the Atlantic Ocean.Jacqueline fished in her Gucci bag for her multifone and swiftly searched the web. course, oceanic tide levels vary greatly from place to place, but in general it seems the Atlantic is half a metre lower than yesterday. She swiftly calculated the very large volume of sea water that had been lost. we should return to the yacht.will be quite a while yet, snapped Vasili, who understood science, hence his patronage of Jacqueline and her theory that, if true, would require much readjustment worldwide.can so much sea water go to? persisted Andrei. His plutocrat father had sent him to an English public school to be polished, and as a result he could quote Coleridge. regions deep beneath the ocean floor, which we may well call voids. And which we shall now seriously begin to measure. I shall establish the Romanovitch Foundation, to be headed by Jacqueline. We must try to discover how much ocean will disappear. How the map of the world will be redrawn. I shall need to liquidate assets.incomplete business with our contacts on this costa is at an end now. Forgive my referring to business matters, he added to Jacqueline, as he wished to keep their scientific relationship unsullied. shall set sail. We have other fish to fry. Even as they cruised through the Strait of Gibraltar, she was studying the latest news and getting ready to address a plenary session of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change by video link. Colder Atlantic surface water constantly flowed into the Med to replenish evaporation minus river input; and warmer Med water flowed out beneath the density boundary at 100 metres. As the greatest depth of the Strait of Gibraltar was 900 metres, the diminished Med would become landlocked in a mere 5 years. Yet, according to Jacqueline s calculations, the rate of oceanic drainage might soon increase to a metre per day, or more.an analogy, Jacqueline was soon telling the video camera, and the IPCC, enormous twoway trapdoors of stone in the depths of the Atlantic, and doubtless the Pacific too, as well as the Indian Ocean. The extra weight of sea water due to greenhouse melting has opened these gates they reached the tipping point. Formerly some maverick scientists thought there might be giant oceans beneath the sea floor that pressure of magma might push upward, drowning even Mount Everest. But no, currently there are enormous unsaturated porous regions. downward suction is too great. Thank God you didn t come this time, Jacqueline. At least we ll have time before our air runs out to determine the size of the void below us. This volume, plus those of other voids already plumbed, indicated a future worldwide sea level one kilometre below the 2010 mean datum.acceptable, said Vasili. we won t have a desert world with no rainfall, nor any drop to drink except that obtained by a few hundred thousand hightech survivors pumping water from the underground oceans for desalination to sustain them and their vegetables and chickens and pet cats. This calls for champagne. Andrei, you may splice the main brace and cancel the Arks of Water project. We shall drink to JeanLuc and MarcAntoine. Vasili mused. Med will be reduced to an Ionian Lake. With no North Sea, Britain becomes part of Europe again. Scandinavia joins the Baltic States. There mightn t be much Caribbean apart from a Cayman Trench Lake. I expect many geopolitical changes. Enough fish trapped in pools sustained the advancing masses until relatively clean nuclear weapons detonated along the bed of the Med as a warning.Top of pageThis is a public forum. Please keep to our Community Guidelines. You can be controversial, but please don t get personal or offensive and do keep it brief. Remember our threads are for feedback and discussion not for publishing papers, press releases or advertisements.You need to be registered with Nature and agree to our Community Guidelines to leave a comment. Please log in or register as a new user.